herbeloved82 asked:
Hi, I was wondering if you could suggest me a Beta for a Ryan/Joe story. The only problem is tha is based on the Alpha/Beta/Omega universe and not everyone is up for that. If you could help me it wuld be great, but if you can't I hope I didn't bother you too much

hey all! sorry i haven’t been around much- maybe you’d be interested in helping out this lovely person?

Ryan Hardy: If this book ends in anything other than your death, you better plan a rewrite.


“I kind of fall in love with him at the very first sight.“from The Poetry of a Killer (obviously not real )


When I look at you in the EYE, I see something more than LOVE,


”I‘d like to stop our time right at this moment.”——The Poetry of a Killer(not real)

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