Hello Joe Carroll x Ryan Hardy followers!

I shall assume most of you are since you’re following this blog- thanks for doing so, I hope you’ll enjoy the works I’ve been collecting from all around Tumblr.

Submissions and askbox are open so feel free to ask about anything or submit your works if you’d like (via submissions or send me a link through ask). If sending URLs, just make sure you remove the “http://” and add a space before the com (e.g. carrollhardy.tumblr. com/post/… etc).

Have this watermarked image for now. c:


And if you’re looking for more The Following blogs, check out this post by fythefollowing!

There’s also a fuckyeahryanjoe blog, which would be more focused on the characters. 

(Source: gettyimages.com.au)

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Posted on Friday, 8 February
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